Christiane is an award-winning illustrator and published author. Her work can be found in a huge variety of kids' books all over the world, including a kids' bible and a children's atlas.
She also applies her work to puzzles (her Fairy puzzle has won Best Puzzle of the Year Award 2013), patterns and fabrics, and often uses handlettering in her illustrations and maps for advertising and editorial work.

Her instantly recognisable children's characters appeared in an award winning ad campaign by the COI for Affordable Childcare, and she keeps working together with Surrey County Council in creating advertising and educational material for families.
She also created illustrations for animated programs for clients such as the BBC.

Christiane lives by the sea in South East England with her little family.

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selected clients:
BBC, Persil, Twix, Tena, Scholastic, Surrey County Council, COI, Fairy/Make-A-Wish, Unicef, Wine Spectator, Junior, Guardian Guide, Zeitgeist, Big Issue, Elle Girl, Barefoot Books, Bloomsbury, Random House, Radio Times, Bust, Macmillan, Tricycle Press, Reader's Digest, Pearson, Harcourt, A+C Black, Tyndale US, Chrysalis...

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